Welcome to PoxorTech


We are offering an overall UI UX service package that will combine the best of both worlds to create an inherent and attractive user experience. Our services include UI design, UX design, prototyping, usability testing, information architecture, wireframing, platform selection, and design strategy.

UI Design

Our UI design focuses on how it looks and the experience of a product. We specialize in creating engaging designs that are visually appealing and facilitate easy interaction by users with the product. We specialize in designing for a variety of platforms, including websites, mobile apps, and other digital goods.

UX Design

Design for user interaction is known as UX. It all comes down to giving users an enjoyable time while they use your product. We design experiences in accordance with this understanding of user psychology in order to efficiently achieve user goals.


Before beginning development, prototyping is an essential stage in the design process since it allows us to test our ideas. We use interactive prototypes made with technologies like Axure or In Vision to test ideas fast and effectively and to receive better feedback from customers or clients without investing a lot of time or resources in the real production phase.

Usability Testing

An essential step in the software development process is usability testing, where we test your program with actual users in actual settings to determine how user-friendly it is.

You can be sure that your final product is always completely tested before going live because our staff has considerable expertise doing usability tests utilizing a variety of tools like Qualtrics, Online Survey Software (OSSW), User Testing, etc.

Information Architecture

The goal of information architecture (IA) is to organize a lot of information in a way that makes it simpler for consumers to find as they traverse your website or app. A website or app's navigation is made simpler for users by effective information architecture (IA), which also enhances the user's overall experience with your product.


To make changes more quickly and easily than later when visual designs are involved, wireframes are low-fidelity representations of design concepts used at the beginning of projects before any visual designs are employed.

An effective wireframe will enable designers and developers to collaborate productively to produce high-quality results more quickly than is often achievable. It will assist express how page elements should be ordered on each page and how different pages should link to one another.

Platform Selection & Design Strategy

Any digital project's likelihood of success or failure heavily depends on how carefully you select the appropriate platform for it at the outset, considering aspects like cost-effectiveness and scalability, etc.

You can be confident that we will be able to give you helpful insights during this stage so that your final delivery exceeds expectations because we have extensive industry experience and skills when it comes to choosing appropriate platforms depending on requirements & budget limits! Additionally, we are experts in creating powerful design strategies that are specially catered to customer objectives and goals to ensure optimum ROI!