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4 Jan, 2023


1,100 USD

Official World Record

Official World Record is our long-term client working with us from 2 years almost. Our experienced team of web developers help them in updating their website. Then we work with them in creating books for Official World Record which are translated in 320 languages. We create and maintain InDesign Book Formatting and data entry for all the languages of it.


Welcome to Official World Record, the home of outstanding and remarkable deeds! Join us on an exciting trip as we honor the people who have pushed beyond the limits of human potential and the world's most amazing successes. You've come to the perfect location if you're a record-breaker, record-chaser, or simply a fan of amazing accomplishments.

Inspire Excellence and Honoring Perfection

At Official World Record, they think excellence merits honor. They are committed to honoring people who have dared to dream big, overcame barriers, and accomplished what was previously thought to be impossible. Their records span a wide range of disciplines and fields, showcasing the remarkable diversity of human talent and tenacity in everything from sports and adventure to the arts and invention.

Motivate Others and Record History

Breaking a world record is about more than simply your own success; it's about motivating others to aim high. You become a role model to others by pushing the boundaries of what is conceivable. Others may get inspired to pursue their own goals and leave their own legacies because of your record-breaking trip.

Start your record-breaking journey right away to become a part of history!

Are you willing to set out on a grand adventure and change the course of history? Join their team at Official World Records and become a member of a group that honors outstanding accomplishments. Their platform gives you the chance to take part in something remarkable whether you're a record-breaker, record-chaser, or record fan. Begin your record-breaking trip right away and let the world see your amazing accomplishments!

  • World Record Site
  • Destination of Records Breakers

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